What Do I Ask A Recruiter?

Whether you’re preparing for your first interview or you’re trying to step up your interviewing- game, it’s important to ask relevant questions that not only give you meaningful answers but also make you look good. Recruiters want to know that you care about your future career and have thoughtful questions about the potential position. So, here’s a dozen or so questions to impress a recruiter with.

At a Career Fair:

If you’re going to a career fair, chances are you don’t know the recruiter yet. Make a memorable first impression by building a rapport with the recruiter to show them that you value their opinion. To do this, ask them questions about their experience at the company. For example:

What made them choose this company?

What do they enjoy most about their job?

How long have they been with the company?

What’s one thing that surprised them about the company?


It’s also a good idea to ask recruiters questions like:

What percentage of applicants are eventually hired?

What’s the likelihood of being asked back for an entry-level job? (if it’s an internship)

How long does the interview process take or what are the next steps in the hiring process?


Lastly, make sure you get the recruiter’s contact information. Just ask if you can get their email to contact them if you have any questions. You can also ask for a business card, but some recruiters won’t have any on them.


In an Interview:

In an interview, you can the interviewer questions that you may not have had time for at the career fair or just forgot to ask. The interviewer will most likely ask you if you have any questions at the end of the interview, so don’t feel like you have to ask them all at once. Some questions that would be a good idea to ask the interviewer are:

What’s the company culture like?

Is there a good work/life balance?

Will there be an Intern project? (if it’s an internship)

Will I be working with other interns? (if it’s an internship)

What personality attributes and skills are most crucial for success in this position?

What’s the most challenging part of this job?

What’s the typical 5- year trajectory for someone in this entry-level position?


Deciding to Accept an Offer:

Now, and only now, is the appropriate time to ask about the perks and benefits of working for the company. Feel free to ask about the salary and vacation days, however, there should be a typed-up letter sent to you with all these benefits. These benefits should include health and life insurance and while you are still young, a good retirement plan is valuable to have.