How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine

Your LinkedIn page is like your very own personal online page where you can list all your achievements and accomplishments, details about your job experience and skills, as well as other information. This information is shared with everyone who you’re connected with, as well as other professionals, head-hunters, CEO’s and recruiters who might be looking for someone like you and stumble upon your profile. With thousands of LinkedIn users, it is important to make sure your profile stands out to all people coming across your page. Follow these tips for a successful LinkedIn profile that will shine.

Have A Professional Photo (…And A Background Photo)

A picture is the first thing a person will see when coming to your profile. It is vital to make sure you have a professional photo of yourself. Even if you don’t, put on a suit/blouse/dress and get one of your friends or family members to take a picture of you in front of a bare wall or outside. This is so important because it puts a face to an online profile. Look friendly, look appealing, and look professional! A background photo also allows you an additional opportunity to make your profile stand out even more to visitors. This is the most underutilized feature of LinkedIn as most users just keep the default background image, but it allows users an opportunity to brand themselves.

Write An Engaging Headline

Your headline is the most prime real estate on LinkedIn because it’s the first thing people see in a search result and when you comment on others’ status updates and posts. If you only have your job title and name of a company, that does not differentiate your profile from the others. Try including industry keywords such as “lead generation”, “multi-channel marketing”, or “product management.” These keywords will help you come up in a search, demonstrate some of your skills, and illustrate to employers how you can add value.

Attach Rich Media to Your Profile

Instead of simply telling people what you did during a work experience or other activity, consider showing them what you’ve accomplished by adding multimedia in your profile. LinkedIn allows you to add images, links, videos, PDFs, and sound bites to your profile as a way to add context and color to your words. This is powerful way to reinforce the skills and experiences you described in your writing. If you do choose to use multimedia in your profile just be sure to use good quality images, keep videos short and to the point, and lastly keep all content concise. Users viewing your profile want to be able to find information clearly and easily.