PSU x Google: Non-Tech Career Information Session (10/19/17)

On October 19th, Penn State was proud to welcome back a PSU Alum turned Googler, Ms. Kelsey Bonsell. Kelsey graduated in 2013 with a degree in Advertising and PR, from the College of Liberal Arts and maintained a great track record at the Schreyers Honors College. She came to Penn State to recruit as many Penn Staters as possible, for open internships and full-time roles at Google for the year 2017-2018.

Kelsey worked as a former Marketing Manager at GiveCorps, before being recruited by Google for a full-time position as an Account Manager. Kelsey also mentioned how along with her full-time job, she devotes 20% of her time recruiting Penn Staters. The information session was mainly focused on what Google was looking for in their candidates and what their work culture was like. Kelsey also walked us through her career path, and how she transitioned from Penn State to Google.

“Google looks for four key aspects in their candidates, they are, leadership qualities, role-related knowledge, cognitive ability, and Googleyness”, said Kelsey, as she explained what it takes to really stand out as a candidate when applying to Google. She also emphasized on how important it was as a candidate to show your passion for learning. Because she works as both an Account Manager at the Chicago office, as well as recruiting on college campuses, she told us if you’re passionate about a specific role, you can always test the water somewhere else.

That’s the type of exposure you get from working at Google. Every Googler leaves their mark, contributes to their mission, and understands their ambiguous but consistently evolving culture. It’s important to create products that have planetary impact, because that means we can learn and contribute as a valuable member that helps connect and impact so many people around the world