Personalization for Marketing Strategies in 2019

With the emergence of digital marketing has come many innovative and interesting trends. From social media to search engine optimization, the opportunities are endless. One 2019 trend that really sticks out is personalization. With the availability of big data, personalized advertising becomes easy — and has great effects.

Companies have been able to pinpoint and target consumers to create segmented markets for quite a while, but now they are focusing even more specifically: on the individual consumer. For instance, instead of creating batch emails that market to a broad type of consumer and are sent out in a “blast”, businesses are creating customized emails to each individual based on their behavior. Another great example is the “recommended for you” section on your Netflix account, which monitors your “behavior” (i.e. what you watch, how you watch, etc.) and creates a carousel of different options that you may be interested in.

Personalization can maximize consumer satisfaction, create customer retention, and even brand loyalty. Looking towards the future, it’s obvious that personalized marketing is only getting started. Who knows what type of crazy customized advertising we will see next!?

- Amanda Lewullis