Digital Marketing Trends – Chatbots

Many digital marketing trends are on the rise – an important one being chatbots. Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that are designed to aid in customer service using either auditory or textual methods.

Chatbots allow for real-time assistance, day or night, and individualized support – making them a significant component in the improvement of customer experience. Chatbots can be programmed in various ways in order to obtain optimization. They can have a linear, set response to each individual or respond differently to messages containing keywords. Chatbots can be found across a series of platforms, some being website chat windows, SMS text, Facebook, and Twitter.

The ultimate purpose of chatbots is to maximize engagement with website visitors and make it easier for customers to make purchases.

Chatbots are effective because customers may not know where to find the information they are seeking or know where to begin on a new website. For example, a visitor landing on a website may be asked to request assistance or get more information about a product. Depending on the customer’s response, s/he will either be referred to a representative or asked a series of automated questions. This ultimately allows the customer to have a smoother experience in the navigation of a website. Many customers enjoy interacting with chatbots because they give answers promptly and never lose patience. This attention to detail will increase the number of customers that make it to a point of purchase because there are less complications that would have previously caused a potential customer to exit the website.

Chatbots allow for organizations to save time and money that can be allocated to other areas. Although humans staff chats most of the time, some websites rely solely on bots to solve problems. By automating conversations, companies no longer have to hire an employee to answer customers. By replacing many steps in the B2C buying process, there is an increase in efficiency and sales velocity.


Author: Shana Bigley

Earn These DM&A Certifications First

There are many free digital marketing related certifications on the internet, and the PSAMA Digital Marketing & Advertising division was sure to leverage more than a few of these this year. Here is what we think are the most advantageous certifications to prioritize.

The American Marketing Association partnered with to assemble several individual courses which cover topics from email marketing to optimizing your web page design for user experience and conversion. The following is a short list of the critical courses to watch within this learning path:

  1. Online Marketing Foundations:

    • Start to understand the basics of how one goes about marketing online

  2.  Content Marketing Foundations:

    • Learn how to write content that is interesting and useful for your audience

  3.  SEO Foundations:

    • Understand what Google does behind the curtain within barely a couple of seconds to provide content to consumers that is relevant to their search and learn how you can boost your content to the top of those results

  4. Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter

    • See the varying interfaces between Facebook and Twitter and some of the valuable tools they provide

  5.  Learning Conversion Rate Optimization 

    • Learn about the conversion funnel and how to improve yours for less drop-off and more conversions

Google Analytics / AdWords

Out of the goodness of their hearts, Google has developed free courses online to help people get certified in using Google Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, etc. The newest manifestation of this service, Google’s Academy for Ads, has comprehensive courses, some video and some text-based, which will guide you through the process from starting your Google Business account to using advanced capabilities within their platforms.

In the Google Analytics Individual Certification, we start off with GA for Beginners. After introducing what GA is and does, they dive into the interface layout, basic reporting practices, campaign and conversion tracking. After completing the introductory course, you move over to the Advanced Google Analytics course which takes you through data collection, processing and configuration, as well as advanced marketing tools and techniques. The final part of the free certification is a 90 minute, 70 question examination which tests your understanding of the material covered through both courses.

Overall, this course is a big help in learning how to use GA and also learning what it means to be a digital marketer. For many, GA is an essential part of their online marketing efforts and it acts as a reference for which they base critical decisions on. With analytics being of massive desire in the job market, the Google Analytics Individual Certification is a great course to understand how to be a digital marketer and to boost your resume.

Google Analytics Individual Qualifications

Google Ads Fundamentals

HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Last but not least is the Inbound Marketing certification from HubSpot. This course is extremely useful as a tool to better understand the conversion funnel for marketing online and how all the different techniques and platforms of digital marketing play into that.

They start with the essentials of an effective inbound strategy and continue on to talk about SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and more. Each person who teaches the different segments of the course are all certified HubSpot professor who are considered experts in their field and can speak to best practices and winning techniques which prove helpful for understanding how to implement inbound marketing techniques for your own purposes.  We definitely recommend you prioritize this certification if you want to get a really strong depiction of what it means to be a digital marketer.

DM&A members have worked on some awesome certifications, but the ones here definitely stand out and are excellent learning platforms for those who want to go above and beyond from your normal class schedule to really stand out amongst competitors in the job market. Those are just the kind of people we have here at PSAMA.

HubSpot Inbound Certification