Upper Executive Board

Joey Monkiewicz Executive Vice President

Kerry Lyons President

Jackie Tucker VP of Communications

Jonathan Parfitt VP of Professional Development

Samantha Sepko VP of Community & Social Impact

Victoria Stranzl VP of AMA Relations

Seth Mough VP of Finance


Lower Executive Board

Consulting & Market Research

Baylee Robey Associate Director

Naomi Coupet Managing Director



Veronika Bucknavage Associate Director

Marissa Chimino Managing Director



Nicholas Vogt Associate Director

Ryan Kelly Managing Director


Digital Marketing & Advertising

Adam Kazimierczyk Associate Director

Jake Knatz Managing Director



Alex Amann Managing Director

John Eltringham Associate Director


Professional Development

Luke Pignatelli Director of Professional Events

Claudia Sozio Professional Development Chair



Joey O’Hara Alumni and Faculty Relations Chair

Alexis Paige Brand Strategist

Shana Bigley Member Relations Chair


AMA Relations

Ben Dellabella Case Competition Director

Sophia Dell Marketing Week Director

Nicole Soranno Regional Conference Co-Director

Carol Ann Urrea Regional Conference Co-Director

Andrea Fulk THON Chair Natalie Wynne Corporate Sponsor Director


Faculty Advisor

Franklin Carter Faculty Advisor