Kerry Lyons.jpg
President: Kerry Lyons

Major: Marketing

Minor: French and Francophone Studies

Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

As President of PSAMA, Kerry oversees the entire organization and organizational activities. This includes establishing vision, mission and goals for the year and reporting them to AMA in the chapter plans and annual report. Kerry is a senior and is a buying intern at Burlington stores in their girls swimwear and outerwear departments. She has been in PSAMA for 3 years and was involved in the retail division and the fashion show last year. After graduating, Kerry would like to get a job as a buyer. Her favorite things about Penn State are attending football games and tailgates.

Executive Vice President: Joey Monkiewicz

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Schnecksville PA

As Executive Vice President, Joey oversees the five divisions of the organization which include Retail, Sales, Consulting, Digital Marketing and Advertising and Sports. It is his job to make sure that all PSAMA members develop adequate skill sets for their desired marketing fields. Joey, a senior, has previously worked as a manager with Dr. Carter in his Marketing 410 class, managing a small group of students to help them better understand the skills of selling. After graduation, Joey hopes to find a career opportunity in a sales and/or sports marketing field that will help him grow his skill set as a business professional. His favorite things at Penn State are football games, tailgating and the Hands for Hope club.

Jackie Tucker.jpg
Vice President of Communications: Jackie Tucker

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Kennett Square, PA

Jackie manages all internal and external communications in the organization to benefit the members and help them gain as much as they can from PSAMA. Last year, Jackie served on the executive board as PSAMA’s THON Chair. She has experience working as a social media marketing intern for Robyn Jewitt Home, a home staging and redesign company. She is also interested in Digital Marketing and Advertising and is involved in the Sapphire Leadership Academic Program, as well as a THON committee. Jackie spent the summer studying brand management in Florence, Italy. Jackie is a junior and her favorite things at Penn State are THON and football games!

Joe Parfitt.jpg
Vice President of Professional Development: Jonathan Parfitt

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Perkasie, PA

Jonathan is in charge of securing corporate sponsors, planning and overseeing professional events and connecting members with company recruiters. During his first two years at Penn State’s Lehigh Valley campus, he was the treasurer of the Penn State Lehigh Valley Business Society, a manager at Banana Republic, had marketing internships with Morgan Stanley and B. Braun Medical. Jonathan currently is a senior and a sales intern for State Farm. After graduation, Jonathan plans to obtain a marketing job at a reputable company and begin his career. His favorite things about Penn State are football games, hiking and going out with friends.

Vice President of AMA Relations: Victoria Stranzl

Major: Marketing

Minor: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

 As Vice President of AMA Relations, Victoria acts as a liaison between the American Marketing Association and the Smeal College of Business, planning Regional Conference, Marketing Week as well as coordinating the New Orleans trip for the annual AMA International Collegiate Conference. Victoria is a senior with experience using WordPress to create a website for a brand and analyzing analytics. She currently works for LevLane, an advertising agency in the heart of Philadelphia right next to City Hall. After graduation, Victoria hopes to continue her education by going to graduate school at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. She plans to find a job at a marketing or advertising agency and eventually own her own business. Her favorite things about Penn State are football games and discovering new places to eat with her friends.

Vice President of Community and Social Impact: Samantha Sepko

Major: Marketing

Minor: Digital Media Trends and Analytics

Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PA

As Vice President of Community and Social Impact, Samantha’s job is to oversee PSAMA’s THON chairs, as well as create opportunities for PSAMA to become active members in our community by utilizing their marketing knowledge and participating in community service events. Samantha’s goal is to ensure all PSAMA members have a better understanding of the importance of community and social impact. During her first two years at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, she served as the Vice President of Student Government Association, and was a part of the Digital Marketing and Advertising division last year. This past summer, she interned at a local digital marketing firm, gaining exposure across departments such as project management, marketing, human resources, and the creative department to better understand all aspects of a business. After graduation, Samantha plans to obtain a full-time position for a digital marketing or project management role in a large city. Her favorite things about Penn State is attending football, hockey and soccer games and hanging out with friends.

Vice President of Finance: Seth Mough

Major: Management

Minor: Economics

Hometown: New Stanton, PA

As the Vice President of Finance, Seth is responsible for creating and maintaining the PSAMA budget, while also handling all financial transactions related to the organization. He maintains strong communication with the other members to ensure adequate funding for the various activities and events. Last year. Seth served as an account manager for the digital marketing division on the Google Adwords project. He is very passionate about digital and viral marketing. Seth was also a student manager for Hub Dining, where he worked on a team with five other student managers to run a campus dining operation with over 250 student employees. After graduation, he plans to enter either a middle management position or go into a sales/marketing position. His favorite things at Penn State are football games, walks through the Arboretum or hang out on the HUB lawn.

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Managing Director of Consulting and Market Research: Naomi Coupet

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey

Naomi is a fourth year student at Penn State University and has been a member of PSAMA since September, 2017. As Managing Director, Naomi looks forward to leading the division through two fun and successful semesters.  Naomi has had experience working in sales at Nordstrom and Calvin Klein. She has also completed two consulting projects with PSAMA, researching and creating marketing plans for local businesses. After graduation, Naomi would like to work at a large scale fashion brand on their marketing team. Her favorite thing to do at Penn State is to walk around the Arboretum on a nice day.

Associate Director of Consulting and Market Research: Baylee Robey

Major: Marketing

Minor: Digital Media Trends & Analytics

Hometown: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Baylee is a senior student at Penn State University and has been a member of PSAMA since January of 2017. As the AD for Consulting, she will aid the Managing Director in leading marketing campaigns for both nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations, focusing on market research strategies and implementation. Having been a member of PSAMA since her freshman year, Baylee has served as the Assistant Director of Consulting and has worked as a member of digital marketing agencies both in the United States and Europe, creating content for a wide variety of clients. After graduation, Baylee wishes to work as a Communications and Outreach strategist for non-profit organizations. Her favorite thing to do at Penn State is hiking up Mount Nittany or in Rothrock Forest.

Managing Director of Retail: Marissa Chimino

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Chester County, PA

Marissa is a junior student at Penn State University and is the Managing Director of Retail Division. As MD of Retail, Marissa is responsible for overseeing the division by leading weekly meetings, organizing events, and mentoring members to become successful leaders within the retail industry. She has been a general member of PSAMA since Fall 2018 and has served on a THON committee her past two years at Penn State. In the future, Marissa hopes to end up in a big city as a buyer. Her favorite things about Penn State are tailgating and spending time with friends.

Associate Director of Retail: Veronika Bucknavage

Major: Marketing

Hometown: State College, PA

Veronika’s job is to assist the Managing Director with planning meetings and organizing events. This past semester. Veronika was in Marketing 497, a practicum course that stimulates the relationship between brands and advertising agencies. Her job on the team was to create long term plans for the brand through secondary research and act as the liaison between her brand and the agency they were working with. In the future, Veronika hopes to work at a marketing agency. Her favorite thing to do at Penn State is to sip a hot vanilla latte at Saints Café.

Managing Director of Sports: Ryan Kelly

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Ryan Kelly is a senior student at Penn State. His duties as Managing Director of Sports includes communicating with reputable people within the sports industry to create meaningful relationships and ultimately obtain real-world projects and overseeing the division to ensure projects are professional and effective. This past summer Ryan interned at Invictus and worked as a field sales representative in the Verizon Business to Business sector. After graduation, Ryan wishes to land a marketing job with a reputable and fun company. His favorite thing at Penn State are long Penn State football Saturdays filled with tailgates, fun and Nittany Lion wins. 

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Associate Director of Sports: Nicholas Vogt

Hometown: Doylestown, Pa

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Nicholas works with the Managing Director of Sports to assist in leading meetings and helping the members complete the projects. Nicholas was the co-account manager for the spring semester in the sports division for the PSECU project. This summer, Nicholas interned with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Pittsburgh. His favorite things about Penn State are football games and finding new places to eat downtown.

Jake Knatz.jpg
Managing Director of DM&A: Jake Knatz

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Port Washington, NY

Jake is a senior student at Penn State. His job includes leading meetings, mentoring members through certifications, planning events, public speakers, personal online education resources, and projects along with the curriculum and opportunities for our members to expand their breadth of knowledge and experience. While studying abroad in London, Jake interned at Mediablaze Group. This past summer, he interned at Horizon Media on their App Marketing team. After graduation, Jake hopes to work at an agency in NYC. His favorite thing about Penn State is going to football games with his friends.

Member Picture Coming soon...-2.jpg
Associate Director of DM&A: Adam Kazimierczyk

Major: Marketing

Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania

As Assistant Director for the Digital Marketing and Advertising Division, Adam is responsible for assisting the Managing Director in the progress and planning of events and meetings and is responsible for the professional development of every individual within the division. He is also responsible for making sure everyone within the division leaves at the end of the year with the skills and traits all employees are looking for, as well as any skills and traits vital to success in the field of Digital Media.  After graduation, Adam wishes work in Philadelphia, then start his own chain of property maintenance, construction and real estate companies. His favorite things to do at Penn State are meeting new people, tailgating and hiking all the trails in the area.

Managing Director of Sales: Alex Amann

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Coopersburg, PA

Fourth year student Alex’s job is to organize division activities, events, and meetings. This includes leading a sales team to compete in collegiate sales competitions across the Northeast and educating members on general sales skills and knowledge in order for them to have successful sales careers after leaving Penn State. Alex has worked as a sales and marketing intern at B. Braun Medical and most recently worked as a financial representative intern at Northwestern Mutual, driving sales of financial products in Austin, TX. After graduation, Alex wishes to find an exciting and challenging sales career in Austin, TX. Alex lives for Penn State Football. He is a third generation Penn Stater and looks forward to Saturdays every week of the fall.

Associate Director of Sales: John Eltringham

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

John works alongside the managing director of the division to help organize and lead the division to compete in sales competitions across the region. He wants to continuously educate and develop general sales and sales management skills to have PSAMA members build a strong base for a successful sales career after leaving Penn State. Last year John was a sales intern at Uline where he was in the field selling 32,000 products. This year, John was a Sales Management Intern at Pepsi where he managed 15 stores to continually drive revenue and volume. After graduating, John hopes to find a job in the sales field with a reputable and successful company, preferably in Pittsburgh or New York. His favorite thing about Penn State is football Saturdays.

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Professional Development Chair: Claudia Sozio

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Richboro, PA

In her senior year, Claudia is the Professional Development Chair of PSAMA. As such, she will help coordinate events, presentations and workshops that will allow PSAMA’s members to further their professional development and career aspirations. Last year Claudia was on the PSAMA executive board as the Co-Regional Conference Director, where she helped organize the conference, hosted the event and dealt with event logistics. After graduating, Claudia wants to obtain a good marketing job and travel. Her favorite things about Penn State are football games and going out with friends.

Director of Professional Events: Luke Pignatelli

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Bucks County, PA

Luke’s job is to communicate with other companies to coordinate professional development events. He also assists the professional development team in creating new beneficial events for members. Luke is currently a head lifeguard at Penn State, studied abroad in Colombia and is a marketing intern for Arm and Hammer Church and Dwight. After graduation, Luke would like to start a career in market research as an analyst. His favorite thing at Penn State is playing outdoor volleyball.

Member Picture Coming soon...-2.jpg
Corporate Sponsor Director: Natalie Wynne

Major: Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Gilbertsville, PA

Natalie is a junior student at Penn State and has been a member of PSAMA since Fall 2017. As Corporate Sponsor Director she is responsible for contacting and acquiring corporate sponsors and inviting them to events. She has experience as a buying intern at TJX Companies. She wishes to work in merchandising after college. Her favorite thing about Penn State is game day.

Headshot PSAMA 2.jpg
Brand Strategist: Alexis Paige

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Minor: Business, Digital Media Trends and Analytics

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Alexis is a senior at Penn State University and has been a member of PSAMA since August 2018. As the Brand Strategist for PSAMA, Alexis is responsible for creating a professional brand image that uniquely represents PSAMA across all of Smeal. Moreover, Alexis is in charge of aligning and regulating PSAMA’s social channels to distribute information to its audiences. Alexis has had experience working as a digital content and marketing intern at Hearst television station WTAE, social media intern for Sandcastle Waterpark and a teaching assistant for Dr. Carter’s Intro to Marketing class. Alexis recently traveled abroad to Belize to create a media plan for a client. Her favorite things about Penn State are football Saturdays, hanging out with friends and walking around campus in the fall.

Alumni and Faculty Relations Chair: Joey O’Hara

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Malvern, PA

Joey is a junior student at Penn State and has been a PSAMA since Spring 2019. As Alumni and Faculty Relations Chair, Joey is responsible for communicating and coordinating with Penn State faculty and PSAMA alumni. Joey is interested in starting a career in advertising. His favorite things at Penn State are tailgating, football games and THON.

Member Relations Chair: Shana Bigley

Major: Marketing

Hometown: West Milford, NJ

As a Members Relations Chair, Shana is responsible for creating social events in order to create stronger bonds between club members. Shana has experience working as an intern for Croscill, managing their social media accounts in order to build the company’s audience and enrich the engagement of their customers. Her favorite thing about Penn State is the one of a kind school spirit.

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Marketing Week Director: Sophia Dell

Major: Marketing

Minor: Digital Media Trends and Analytics

Hometown: Montgomery County, PA

Sophia organizes a week’s worth of educational events highlighting each division within PSAMA. She hopes to provide students with a positive experience that will further develop their knowledge on the world of marketing. Previously, Sophia was a co-account manager of the retail partnership project in the retail division of PSAMA. She worked as a marketing intern at CardConnect this summer. Her favorite things at Penn State are finding secret study spots and exploring downtown for new, yummy places to eat.

Director of Case Competition: Ben Dellabella

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Bayonne, NJ

Ben is a senior at Penn State. As Case Competition Director, Ben is responsible for recruiting and managing this year’s case competition team. He will be holding weekly meetings with the team in order to collect and analyze data that will best help PSAMA provide solutions to the problems our case sponsor is facing. Ben was previously a member the case competition team. This summer, he was a marketing intern for B&G Foods. After graduation, Ben hopes to secure a marketing or brand management position in the greater New York City area. His favorite things about Penn State are tailgating, socializing and football games.

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Regional Conference Co-Director: Carol Ann Urrea

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Torrance, California

Carol is a junior at Penn State this fall. Her duties include working alongside her co-director on planning, organizing and hosting the logistics of the annual regional conference. She hopes to create an event that is memorable, allowing every chapter to go home with a lasting experience and connections. Last year, Carol was a co-account manager for the retail division’s annual fashion show. This past summer, Carol was a social media intern for The Fox Magazine. Her favorite thing about Penn State is football weekends.

Member Picture Coming soon...-2.jpg
Regional Conference Co-Director: Nicole Soranno

Majors: Marketing

Hometown: Freehold, NJ

Nicole is a senior at Penn State. As the co-director of the regional conference, Nicole is responsible for communicating with speakers, marketing departments, PSAMA members and other chapters about the regional conference. This past summer, Nicole was a Global Marketing Intern at International Flavors and Fragrances. She also has experience with social media campaigning for a small startup. After graduating, Nicole hopes to land a super cool and creative marketing position somewhere in a city! Her favorite thing to do at Penn State is picnic at the Arboretum.

THON Chair: Andrea Fulk

Major: Marketing

Hometown: New Ringgold, PA

Andrea’s duties include working with the vice president of Community and Social Impact to plan fundraising activities and keep open communication with our THON families. This summer, Andrea was a marketing intern at Riverview Financial Corp. Previously, she was a Bank Secrecy Act Intern at the same institution. After graduating, Andrea would like a job in brand marketing. Her favorite thing about Penn State is attending athletic events.