The Digital Marketing & Advertising Division aims to introduce its members to digital marketing and advertising through professional development and hands-on experience. This year, DM&A will be working with Frutta Bowls and Hands for Hope.

Members of DM&A have the opportunity to go further into digital marketing than the normal Penn State classroom can offer. Through extensive video tutorials, covering everything from content marketing, mobile marketing, SEM, SEO, social media marketing, Google Analytics, Google Adwords & more, our members learn everything they need to know compete in today's digital marketing landscape. At the end of the semester, members will be tested on their knowledge in hopes of receiving a Certificate of Completion for the PSAMA Digital Marketing Program.


Hands for Hope

Hands for Hope is a nonprofit organization, started by a current Penn State student, whose sole goal is to help those struggling with alcohol-drug addiction, or families who have lost loved ones due to drug overdoses. The organization wishes to raise $5,000 dollars by the end of the year, increase awareness among students of what the organization wishes to accomplish, and maintain a social media profile to increase outreach to Penn State alumni.

The Legacy at State College

Under new management, The Legacy has asked the DM&A division to help fully rebrand the apartment complex among potential student residents. The Legacy wishes to improve its presence on social media, lease out all apartments by the end of the year, and work on merchandise to make The Legacy well-known among Penn State Students

Frutta Bowls

Frutta Bowls is a new company operating in downtown State College. Frutta Bowls wishes to increase its application downloads among students, increase catering orders, and to educate Penn State students on what Acai is, and the health benefits associated with Acai.

Nittany Data Labs

Nittany Data Labs is an on-campus organization in the field of Data Science. They wish to raise awareness of the services and benefits Nittany Data Labs has to offer to Penn State students, and to maintain a strong social media presence.

AMA Collegiate Website Competition

A team of members within the DM&A division was tasked with designing a new website for Penn State AMA from the ground up. After dedicating months to the creation of this very site, DM&A submitted our website to be judged beside the websites of other AMA chapters across the US. We are currently awaiting for the results of the competition. 



Managing Director - Jake Knatz

Associate Director - Adam Kazimierczyk