The sports division aims to provide members with hands on experience in the sports industry that will hopefully set them apart from the rest when looking for internships/jobs in the future.  We will achieve this goal through our three main projects.  We will work with the Penn State Athletic marketing department for two projects, one with Men’s Basketball, and the other with the baseball team.  Our third project will be working with the State College Spikes.  We will also have a number of guest speakers coming in throughout the year to provide advice and networking opportunities to our members.


Under Armour

This semester PSAMA has been fortunate enough to renew its partnership with the sportswear giant. While last year we dove into the perceptions and effectiveness of athlete endorsers, this year we will turn our attention to apparel selection. Our goal for this semester is to uncover where the emotional connection stems from when student-athletes choose which brand to go to for their sporting gear. Is it the style? The comfort? The brand name? This is what we will attempt to find out through our research. By the conclusion of our efforts, we plan to hand Under Armour a professional and conclusive report detailing which factors mean the most, hopefully providing them with an accurate weighted average that will give them an upper hand over the competition in the student-athlete brand selection.

Penn State Men’s Basketball:

This semester we have a very exciting project, as we team up with the Penn State Men’s Basketball team to drive season ticket sales. To add an interesting cross-divisional flair, we will be taking on the Sales Division to see which sector of PSAMA can outsell the other! Through this friendly competition, we plan to come in as a second wave for season ticket sales following the initial welcome week push. Each division will plan and set up their own promotion effort and will carry them out on different weeks. By the end of the “competition”, there will be but one winner in sales, however, everyone involved will be a winner due to the experience strengthening business skills and opening up networking opportunities within the sports industry!


Octagon may not be a household name, yet rest assured, they are HUGE in the sports business landscape, acting as one of the biggest players in the sports entertainment and representation industry. The company has many facets but focuses on athlete representation in media and endorsement opportunities. Their biggest name...Stephen Curry. See, they are a big deal. Through our partnership with Octagon this year, we have obtained a rather interesting endorsement project. We will be given an athlete and a distance restriction, and then will be tasked with finding companies who are sensible fits for the athlete to align with. Based on personalities, lifestyles and other aspects, we will provide Octagon a detailed report of the companies and why they make sense for the athlete. Working with top sports talent is pretty awesome, but doing it in a rewarding project makes it that much better.



Associate Director - Nicholas Vogt

Managing Director - Ryan Kelly