The goal of the Retail Division is to expose our members to resources, events, and exclusive career opportunities needed to be successful in the retail industry. Through partnerships with top retailers, industry leaders, and our alumni across the world, we offer a variety of projects to help develop future retail talent and enhance the status of our students in this rapidly evolving industry. Our four main projects this year are TrendState Blog, Merchandise and Apparel, PSAMA Fashion Show, and Retail Partnerships.  



TrendState is the retail division's fashion and lifestyle blog. The goal of TrendState is to practice consumer-to-consumer marketing by writing about fashion and trends, lifestyle, our campus, and career advice catered to the average college student. This will allow students to read about what other students are wearing, eating, and doing at Penn State. This is one of our largest projects and requires around 20-25 student participants, including editors, writers, and a business operations manager. This year, we hope the bring on board both marketing students and non-marketing majors in order to improve the content of our blog. Our members will gain skills in writing, consumer insights, and promotions through their participation on this project. In addition, we will have 1-2 journalism workshops over the course of the year to improve our members’ blog writing and promotional skills overall.

Merchandise & Apparel

The merchandise and apparel project is organized to develop and design products for Penn State AMA members and the different events throughout the year, including t-shirts for THON and the AMA conference in New Orleans as well as general member apparel sporting the Penn State AMA logo. Our goal for this project is to raise $1000 dollars in sales for our products developed. In order to successfully complete the project, this project team must conduct market research with the assistance of the consulting division in order to gain insights from our members: their wants, preferences and willingness to pay for certain products. From there, this team will design products and execute sales for their products. This project offers development for skills pertaining to market research, product design, and consumer behavior.

PSAMA Fashion Show

The purpose of the PSAMA Fashion Show is to develop a campus event that exposes the different vendors from around State College, while also raising money to go towards PSAMA’s THON fundraising efforts. We hope to raise at least $500 in revenues from entrance tickets and raffle tickets to donate to THON. We also plan to attain corporate sponsors for the event, to give a lump sum donation which will go towards raffle prizes, money for other expenses, and most importantly, PSAMA’s THON efforts. We will develop the project team’s event planning skills and promotional skills by creating a detailed marketing and promotions plan. This plan will lay out how we will advertise the event to PSAMA members, other Smeal Organizations, special interest organizations, and THON-related clubs to encourage a high attendance level at the event and how we will help increase sales within our local partners’ stores.

Professional Development Series

To engage the members of the retail division throughout the year, we will hold several professional development events with speakers involved in different areas of the retail industry. We hope that these events will be a way to keep PSAMA members who are not as involved in project teams engaged. They will teach our members insider tips about the industry and how to get internships in a range of departments within retail, including not only marketing, but also buying and planning, merchandising, and retail management. The companies that we have some contacts or connections with and are reaching out to include TJX, Abercrombie & Fitch, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, Burlington, and Aldi.

We will also provide an opportunity for our top performing members to attend the NRF Big Show in New York City from January 12th- January 14th, all expenses will be covered by PSAMA. For more information, please visit: http://studentbigshow.nrf.com/

Retail Partnerships

The purpose of our retail partnerships team is to provide students opportunities to cultivate relationships with local vendors and corporate partners in order to deliver effective consulting to nonprofit clients to improve their marketing strategy and implementation. We will provide students hands-on marketing experience--discuss client needs and outline project goals, scope of work, and expectations for each client. We hope to grow, develop and expand member skill sets through educational training workshops and hold regular discussions to help our team generate unique strategies to address common client marketing challenges. This project will expose students to real-world applications of marketing in the retail industry and facilitate interactions between students and recruiters.



Managing Director - Marissa Chimino

Associate Director - Veronika Bucknavage