Sales Overview

The sales division is PSAMA's newest division, established in Fall of 2018. The sales division was created out of the executive board’s and alumni member’s recognition of the importance for students to understand sales and have knowledge surrounding the topic. We are excited to open our sales projects to all PSAMA members! 

Sales Division Selling Dialog Certification:

Throughout the full semester, members will go through lectures of sales dialog practicing and sales industry general education. Sales division members will be required to take the sales skill evaluation in order to become well-rounded and hit-the-ground-running on the sales skill set.

Penn State Men’s Basketball:

The Sales Division is teaming up with the Penn State Men’s Basketball team to drive season ticket sales. To add an interesting cross-divisional flair, we will be taking on the Sports Division to see which sector of PSAMA can outsell the other! Through this friendly competition, we plan to come in as a second wave for season ticket sales following the initial welcome week push. Each division will plan and set up their own promotion effort and will carry them out on different weeks. By the end of the “competition”, there will be but one winner in sales, however, everyone involved will be a winner due to the experience strengthening business skills and opening up networking opportunities within the sports industry!



Managing Director - Alex Amann


Associate Director - John Eltringham