Upper Executive Board

Max Masino Executive Vice President

Sarah Wiener President

Katie Soltis VP of Communications

Annie Ellis VP of Professional Development

Ariana Caruso VP of Community & Social Impact

Rashmika Molligoda VP of AMA Relations

Benjamin Johnson VP of Finance


Lower Executive Board

Consulting & Market Research

Naomi Coupet Associate Director

Jack McCarthy Managing Director

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Baylee Robey Associate Director



Justine Douglas Associate Director

Giorgionna Simco Managing Director



Adam Martinez Associate Director

Samantha Milillo Managing Director


Digital Marketing & Advertising

David Smethy Associate Director

Yajas Chopra Managing Director



Ziwei Zhang Managing Director

Jonathan Matty Associate Director


Professional Development

Nate Kologie Director of Professional Events

Olivia Hune Professional Development Chair

Aitana Ravettino Corporate Sponsor Director



Maximilian Nungesser Alumni and Faculty Relations Chair

Rohan Asthana Brand Strategist

Jesse Macko Member Relations Chair


AMA Relations

Olivia Hubler Case Competition Director

Julia Poluch Marketing Week Director

Claudia Sozio Regional Conference Project Manager

Priyanka Ambadekar Regional Conference Director

Brooke Killmon THON Family Relations Chair

Jackie Tucker THON Chair


Faculty Advisor

Franklin Carter Faculty Advisor